Why Fandom sucks, and how to move your wiki somewhere else

Fandom sucks. A lot.
There's gonna be some of you who think Fandom's actually a great platform, so, let's look at the pros and cons of Fandom:



  • Way too many ads
    • The ads sometimes block content on smaller devices, making the content unreadable
    • The ads are sometimes malicious, causing an antivirus to pop up and block the site
    • The ads make the site extremely slow
    • When the user interacts with the pages before the ads finish loading, the page jumps back to the start to make the user click on an ad
  • Page loads really slowly.
    • No, your internet is fast, the real problem is Fandom.
  • "Are you a kid or an adult?" popup every time you visit a page from a search engine
  • Bright yellow theme, practically no customization
  • Collects all your data - your IP, your location, etc.
    • Now, I have no proof on this, but they probably sell the data to data broker companies.
  • Annoying sidebar on the left
    • Worst thing is, it doesn't even work properly.
  • Ate up Gamepedia in 2021.
    • Gamepedia was the best wiki host for games, but now, all the wikis are now integrated into Fandom, and Fandom has shifted its focus from games to movies.
    • When they did the merge, the old wikis that were on Fandom were forcibly archived and stripped of their subdomains, breaking a ton of links
  • Terrible wiki interface
  • Intentionally makes it hard to move your wiki out
    • You need to ask Fandom support to get an up-to-date XML dump, else you'll just get one from a few days ago
    • The XML dumps don't include images, and it's against their Terms of Use to use a script to move the images (which is the only way other than manually reuploading the images).
    • Once you move, you can't delete the old wiki, not even delete all the pages because that's also against their policies
  • Basically no moderation
    • The only thing the mods do is delete rants about Fandom and deleting LGBT wikis (no, they actually did that in 2022)
  • Has SocialProfile extension. It's wonky, slow, and terrible overall.
  • For some reason VisualEditor is just especially slow on Fandom. Not sure why, probably because loading ads in the background
  • Very strict policies
And before you go, "Fandom was literally created by Jimmy Wales, the same person who created Wikipedia!", first of all, that's only half true, and second, I know he's like chairman or something, but correct me if I'm wrong, but he does basically nothing at Fandom now.

How to move your wiki

If you have a wiki on Fandom and want to move it somewhere else, I recommend Miraheze. No ads, customizable interface, no telemetry.
If you do decide to move your wiki to Miraheze, then check out their guide on how to do that.

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